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Repair Process

We would first like to Thank You for choosing our business to repair your vehicle. There is never a “good” accident, but we strive to make your experience during a collision repair as painless as possible.
If you have never been through this process before we want to make sure we help answer any questions you might have.

During repairs your vehicle will go through several stages. Many people are unaware of the different processes their vehicle will go through or the time it takes to complete these processes.

We have attached some information to read through before bringing in your vehicle. Please sign and bring the information with you when you come in for repairs. Please let us know if there is anything you have questions or concerns.

Old Jonesboro Body Shop

During the first few hours of repairs depending on the size job, we will be delegating your repairs to one of our tech staff and doing a tear down to check for hidden damage. During this step we try to eliminate any unforeseen problems or delays, if possible.

After repairs are staffed we will update you with any delays or additional damage we find up to this point.

We will update you on a regular basis depending on the length of your repairs. Because of the many variables that can affect the repairs to your vehicle our estimated time frame is only an estimate. While we strive to provide a quick and timely repair, quality is most important and will be addresses above all.

While in repairs, our body shop techs take every precaution to protect your vehicle. Vehicles are covered up during any sanding, priming or painting. Though very seldom so we have nay issues, some people are sensitive to smells of some of the products used. As this is impossible to avoid, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Our shop has now gone Green! We are using water-based paint systems in addition to our solvent systems. They are more environmentally friendly.

Once the repairs are complete by our body techs, the vehicle will go to our paint department. During this stage your vehicle will be prepped and painted in one of our state-of-the-art booths.

What to Expect


During the time of drop off there are several things that will probably be going on.

First, if we, you or the insurance company have arranged a rental car for you we will contact them or have you complete the necessary paperwork to get your rental car.

Secondly, if you have any personal belongings in the vehicle these will need to be removed prior to the repairs. This includes anything in the trunk compartment.

We are not responsible for any items left in the vehicles, one of the perks to having repairs done is you get a free inside and outside clean-up and this is difficult if we have to removed/replace personal items. Unless we are repairing or replacing interior pieces in your vehicle the only contact we will have inside our car will be to vacuum and clean. Please check over your vehicle before arriving for any prior problems or damage we need to be aware of.


After repairs/paint are completed it will be cleaned, inside and out by our detail department. When vehicle moves to this stage we will contact you that your vehicle is close to finish and arrange a pick up time.

Pick- up:

Once your vehicle is ready w will contact you to arrange a time for pickup. When you arrive to pick up your vehicle we will contact the rental companies and insurance companies to confirm repairs are complete. At this time any payments and or deductibles are due. Payments due must be paid before vehicle will be released.

Warranty Notice: We offer lifetime warranty on all repairs completed. Warranty will not be honored if the issue is due to new damage on vehicle. Two-wheel and Four-wheel alignments are not covered under this warranty. We will only recheck alignment up to 48 hours after pickup.